Målet var att samla ihop 20 000 SEK innan 15 maj och vi klarade målet! Stort stort tack alla ni som har bidragit med stora och små summor! Pengarna går oavkortat till insamlingen.

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Football has huge potential to empower girls and young women, create opportunities for them to play football and get involved as coaches, referees, leaders and administrators. In many countries, it has been recognized that football can be a force to amplify women’s voices and tear down gender barriers and discrimination. Every time they clear a hurdle or kick a ball, they demonstrate not only physical strength, but also leadership and strategic thinking; they take a step towards gender equality. 

This program supports, promotes and develops women and girls’ football as a way to achieve gender equality and socio-economic empowerment, increase girls’ self-esteem and self-confidence, and create quality, skilled female footballers from the grassroots. Mpira Fursa contributes to our goal that all girls entering schools complete their studies without dropping out, defying the misperception that they are weak or incapable. 

The program will develop an infrastructure to support, promote and develop women and girls’ football for gender equality and socio-economic empowerment. It will specifically develop a structure for promoting women and girls’ football which can be applicable in the whole country to start up teams at all FDCs, train football players and educate female coaches, female referees, female sports administrators and female sports medicine practitioners. Football courses at 43 Folk Development Colleges (FDCs) in 22 regions have been introduced to the program. 

By register the FDCs’ teams through the program will secure the participation in TFFs coordinated tournament and leagues at the District, Regional and national levels. 

An unexpected opportunity has arisen. Newala FDC in Mtwara region has been offered to represent the Mtwara region in the national division 1 tournament which will play for the spot in the first division league.  Mtwara has registered the team as KTO Nevala FDC team with the slogan Mpira Fursa which means Football creates opportunities. This is a golden opportunity for female players from different FDCs to join the team and have an opportunity to participate in the national tournament and a great opportunity for KTO to advocate for the Mpira Fursa Program. KTO would like to join hands with everyone to do a fundraising in order to be able to support the team to stay and train together in Newala, to invest in football materials such as footballs, cones, jerseys, sport bras, shin guards, football shoes for the players and to support the trip to the tournament.  

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På bilden: Agripina Bwenge under en fotbollsträning på folkhögskolan Kasulu i Kigoma, nordvästra Tanzania. Foto: Karibu Tanzania Organization