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The course gives you the chance to study for 1-3 years in order to read in eligibility for college and university as well as polytechnic. The course is an alternative to studying at Komvux.

Admission is ongoing

Start date 19 augusti 2024

Duration:1-3 years

Form of study: Fulltime

Place:: Gävle.


The course is free of charge. A fee of SEK 750 covers, among other things, copying material insurance, the licenses for our learning platforms, study trips, and coffee on selected occasions during the semester.  There are no extra costs for books or learning materials. The course is CSN eligible.


Widad Kawasmi, Therese Fransson, Sus De La Cruz, Panthea Taymoory, Nica Forsberg, Michael Skoglund, Jonathan Korsár, Eva Forstén, Rebecca Enderborn


Therese Fransson


When you start this course, you will be placed in a group based on your prior knowledge and needs. In the course, your learning is at the center. The goal is for you to grow through your learning. You get to work a lot on developing your study technique and you work both independently and in collaboration with others.

At the school, we regularly have common outdoor days, school assembly where we invite different guests to the school, and theme days when we work with all subjects, all classes together.

The course is carried out in Gävle.

Course structure

The studies on the General Course are full-time. You can complete most of your studies at school, but of course you can also take some school work home with you. On the General course, you can also finish your primary school by reading General course basic level before moving on to High school level.

You study the high school subjects Swedish, English and mathematics as individual subjects. On the course, we study Swedish, history, social studies, natural sciences and religious studies integrated within the framework of thematic studies. A theme can e.g. be Food, Our stories or Power.

We usually study a theme for 3-5 weeks. This helps us see connections between different subject knowledge and pay attention to how things are connected. Aesthetic and practical subjects are also included in the course. These subjects may be different each semester, but it may e.g. be image, music, drama or crafts.

The participant is expected to be able to do this after completing the course

Completed studies provide equivalent upper secondary school qualifications and basic eligibility for both university and college as well as polytechnics.

Admission conditions

To be able to apply for the course, you must be 18 years old (or at least turn 18 the year you start studying). 

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Relevant dates:

Autumn 2024

  • Course start: 19 August
  • Course end: 20 December