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The course gave me an understanding of how political decisions affect different parts of the country

"Färnebo Folkhögskola's City and Country course will soon start again. Distance course with very well-arranged close encounters both at the school and outside the country, which gives insight into the systematic differences that contribute to so many injustices. But more than that, how we should set things right. The course gave me an understanding of how political decisions affect different people

"You learn about democracy for real"

Since the first seed for Färnebo was sown in 1977, travel courses have been our hallmark. Then a group of young people traveled with old SL buses to Ghana and lived in collectives in Österfärnebo. Today, our new course The Justice Line continues in the same tradition with a trip to Sápmi where you will learn about the Sami struggle against colonialism and

"I like the idea of ​​growing edibles everywhere and not just pretty stuff"

Jonathan's everyday life is far from earthly hands and sustainable cycles - he works as a system developer and programmer. It was when he and his partner Frida bought a farm outside Borlänge two years ago that the interest in cultivation began to grow. So much so that the couple decided to make the cultivation work more efficient by splitting up: while Frida reads

"I try to inspire friends to be more afraid of our finite resources"

Johan Nordström lives in Stockholm with his family and works as an anesthetist at Karolinska University Hospital. Eight years ago, he reduced his working hours and spends his day off going to the family's summer cottage outside town to engage in gardening, fishing, beekeeping or mushroom and berry tours in the forest. But there was one

“I got tips, new ideas and energy to continue”

Novel debutant Emilia Millares wrote Bear fruit on Färnebo's writing course The Roman writer's line, an author-led distance course where you learn the craft of novel writing and start or continue your very own novel project. Here, Emilia talks about the writing process, about the importance of reading and gives valuable tips to others with dreams of becoming a writer. Tell us a little about yourself! - I live in one

"Cultivating doesn't have to be so complicated"

Josefine Hermansson, 33 years old, is one of the lucky ones who got a place on the popular one-year course Small-scale organic farming that Färnebo provides together with Alsike garden. It was when she and her partner bought a farm on Vikbolandet outside Norrköping that her growing interest took over seriously. How come you