Färnebo folkhögskola

General course gives you a second chance!

Do you want to study at a university, college or university of applied sciences but do not have a high school qualification? No problem! You can complete your primary or secondary school at Färnebo Folkhögskola in Gävle.

But how do we support you to facilitate your studies and help you achieve your dreams?

We talked it over with our amazing teachers and here we share some insights so you can choose with peace of mind. We are there for you!

Perhaps you are wondering what the lessons look like on the General course? We asked our teachers that too!

But how can the General Course make a difference to the future of the participants?

Are you thinking about supplementing your studies? Our teachers have something to say:



What activities do our teachers like the most?

Current courses

General course basic level

Läs Allmän kurs grundskolenivå! Kursen ger dig chans att studera 1-2 år för att läsa in behörighet till studier på gymnasienivå. Allmän kurs grundnivå...

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Allmän course high school level

Read General course high school level! The course gives you the chance to study for 1-3 years in order to read in eligibility for college and university as well as polytechnic. The course...

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